Radio Campaign

Neville Newcomb Reprographics carved a name for itself with a highly memorable radio campaign in the ’80’s and 90’s. The jingles were written by Steve Keats of Smith and Keats and are still remarked on today. The beat was based on the well recognised sound of a printing press.

We were best known on 1ZB, but I remember we were amongst the very first to go on air with the new Fm frequency, Radio Magic 91. This was a gamble, as most cars of the day could not pick up FM radio signals.

The new jingle in this blog was also written by Steve, and links the past Neville Newcomb Reprographics to our new digital era persona- Newcomb Digital – We do Printing.

I hope it captures the vibrance of our modern world of digital print, while also drawing on our very long heritage as leaders of innovation in the print market over so many years.

Push play and bop along!

-Mark Newcomb

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